Deer Hunting Program September 10th to February 18th

Posted on September 9, 2016

In order to help control the deer population, Montgomery Township administers an annual program that allows deer hunting on certain open space properties of the Township.   The hunting season begins on Sept 10, 2016 and winter bow carries through to February 18, 2017.  Montgomery Twp. does not permit hunting on Sundays in this program.  All properties are clearly posted with bright orange signage. Some properties are bow hunting only.  There are clear set-back standards away from residences where deer hunting is prohibited. For more information on the date ranges for specific types of hunting, go to NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife Deer Regulations webpage at:

Montgomery’s deer management program started over a dozen years ago.  It is a very popular program with hunters because they select one or more properties, which have an assigned number of other hunters permitted.  This gives each hunter a good opportunity for success. Two or more deer bagged per season grandfathers a hunter into the program and onto his or her selected property for the next season.  New hunters are also always welcome to apply.

The purpose of this program is to aid in the control of the deer population so that an ecological balance can be maintained.  When there are too many deer, the forest under story may be stripped bare, preventing new tree seedlings, important to future forests’ existence, from getting a foothold, while destroying habitat needed by other species, including certain forest dwelling song birds.  Invasive non-native plant species, which the deer generally do not prefer, often take over an area, creating low quality habitat and a poor food source for wildlife.  Lyme disease may spread more rapidly and more deer/car collisions occur.  Hungry deer predate on the landscaping and shrubbery of homeowners in residential neighborhoods.  Some deer will starve in the winter when there are too many and not enough forage is available.

To learn more about the program and/or to download an application, go to the Deer Management Program page of the Township website.  A link to this page is also found on left side menu of the home page.

Questions on the program may be directed to the Wildlife Management Committee at

Administrative questions may be directed to the Montgomery Twp. Clerks’ Office at (908) 359-8211 ext. 215. Thank you.


Source: Montgomery Twp. Clerks Office