About PSE&G Notices: “Welcome to the NJ Energy Choice Program”

Posted on May 27, 2016

Throughout May PSE&G has been mailing notices to all residential electricity accounts scheduled to participate in the Montgomery Community Energy Aggregation Program (MCEA).  The notice’s purpose is to inform customers of their right not to participate in this electrical rate cost saving program.  Unfortunately, this notice is generic and regulated in its language and does not state that this is the Community Energy Aggregation Program which Montgomery Township has organized.  The notice may be confusing to residents who did not take note of an earlier mailed notice from the Township in April or previous Township Ebulletins regarding this energy savings program.

What is the Montgomery Community Energy Aggregation Program?

Using the public bid process, a competitive price for electricity for all residential participants was locked by contract with the Township, estimated to save a typical household about $300 over the next 18 months.  The low bidder was TriEagle Energy of Texas, a company licensed with the NJ Board of Public Utilities, which met all bidding requirements.  The first round of the MCEA program, from December 2013 to December 2015, saved residents who participated in aggregate over $2 million.  The consensus of participants was positive and that the process was seamless, which is why Montgomery’s leadership decided to continue the program with a second round.

If you have received or receive the PSE&G notice and want to learn more, please go to the Township website’s Energy Aggregation webpage.  In the first paragraph is a link to the Township’s letter to residential utility customers from April which includes FAQs.  Clicking on this red link will give you details such as the competitive price for electric supply which TriEagle Energy is contracted to supply to participants for the next 18 months, a 13% savings over PSE&G’s supply rate this spring.

The program begins in June.  If you participate, your bill will still come from PSE&G and they will still handle delivery of your electricity and any maintenance issues.  This program does not include any added fees and your account will be treated no differently.

The MCEA is an opt-out program by state rule.  No action is required for eligible accounts to participate. If you had PSE&G as your electric supplier in April (ie. you have not chosen to contract on your own with a third party supplier), you are eligible.  However, this is an optional program and there is never any penalty to opt-out at any time by calling TriEagle Energy at 877-933-2453.

At the end of this round, in December 2017, all accounts will be returned to PSE&G for supply unless Montgomery Township determines to host another public bid for a third round and is able to procure a low bid offering our residents a significant savings.  All eligible PSE&G customers in Montgomery would again be notified at that time.

The Township of Montgomery is pleased to be able to offer the MCEA program to our Township residents. We welcome your feedback and hope you find the electricity savings advantageous. Thank you.



Source: Montgomery Twp. Clerks Office