Guide to Operating A Business in Montgomery

From time to time you may have questions about operating your business in Montgomery and we’re here to help you get answers so that your business can thrive. This guide to operating a business in Montgomery offers quick access to all the important information you need including:

We know there is no better resource out there than our local businesses, and we want to hear from you with any concerns or suggestions on improving the business environment in Montgomery Township.

Lori Savron, AICP, PP, Planning Director
Economic Development Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

What zone am I in?

Montgomery Township Zoning Map (link to Interactive Maps)

What’s permitted in my zone?

What type of sign is permitted? (pdf)

I would like to operate a home-based business. What do I need to do?

Home Occupation Ordinance

Home Occupation Application (pdf)

I would like to expand or convert my business, what local permits do I need?
Permits and Inspections

Who can help me improve the design of my building or sign?
Contact the Planning Department at (908) 359-8211.

Permits & Inspections

If you currently operate a business in Montgomery Township, or are considering opening up one, the following is a list of local business inspections, licenses and registrations that may affect you:

  • A Zoning Permit is required for any change in use or change in tenant in order to ensure it meets local zoning code.
  • Board of Health approval is required for any food preparation or food service establishment.
  • Code Enforcement issues a Change of Use Permit when there is a change in the use of a building or part of a building such as transitioning from office use to retail.
  • Code Enforcement issues a Tenant Fit Out permit when there is renovation to the building that requires building, plumbing, or electric permit, as appropriate, and also fire subcode such as relocating sprinkler heads.
  • Fire Prevention performs an annual inspection of all commercial properties.


Local Business Zoning Districts

Montgomery Township has several areas zoned for commercial use.

Highway Commercial (HC), Community Commercial-1 (CC-1) and Community Commercial-2 (CC-2) all permit retail sale of goods and services, banks (including drive-in facilities), and offices and office buildings. The floor-to-area (FAR) ratios allow 0.20 and 55% lot coverage. While these zones are very similar in terms of physical development of the property, the permitted uses do vary. For instance: HC permits restaurants and movie theaters in shopping centers and CC-2 permits small animal hospitals and service stations

*Mixed Use Zone*
Neighborhood Commercial is similar to our other commercial zones in that it provides for retail sale of goods and services, banks, office buildings, restaurants, etc. however it also provides for a residential component in the form of a Neighborhood Shopping Village which permits residential flats above the stores.

Small Business (SB) zone is located on Reading Boulevard adjacent to the CSX train tracks and is geared towards trade services. SB permits a multitude of specific types of business ranging from automobile uses, building materials, and contractor storage.

Research, Engineering and Office (REO-1), (REO-2) and (REO-3) is primarily for offices and office buildings and research and laboratories. Most of the large office parks (including Bloomberg and Convatec complexes) are located in this zone.

Limited Manufacturing (LM) permits offices and office buildings, research and limited manufacturing activities. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products is the largest office and product development campus park that is zoned LM.

Special Industrial (SI) zone was created specifically for the former 3-M manufacturing facility that was a part of the mining operation located on adjacent lands within Hillsborough Township. This property was sold to Silvi Group Companies which continues to operate the quarry on the Hillsborough portion of the property.

There are also several overlay zones within the Township including:

*Mixed Use Zone*
A Planned Shopping Complex overlay zone was created for a 50+ acre tract of land that includes HC, REO-3 and R-2 zoning districts, and has been specifically identified on the Township’s Zoning Map. The Montgomery Promenade development by Madison Marquette has received approval from the Montgomery Township Planning Board to develop a 300,000 sf and 32 age-restricted duplex townhomes. The development is centered around a “main street” and is anchored by a 58,000 sf supermarket and has 7 retail/restaurant/bank pad sites.

A Planned Office Complex overlay zone was created for a 145 acre land area within the R-2, REO-2 and REO-3 zoning districts, and has been specifically identified on the Township’s Zoning Map. The land areas include the existing Bloomberg Office Park and remaining farmlands that have since been preserved and no longer available for development.

Township Initiatives

  • Improve Signage
  • Add bus shelters & high-visibility crosswalks
  • Infill housing & redevelopment opportunities in commercial corridor
  • Relieve traffic congestion
  • Expand outdoor dining