8-03: Storm on Way: Be Prepared, Gathering Safely, Emergency Rental Assistance, Case Report

Posted on August 3, 2020

Police Advisory: Tropical Storm Warning until 8 PM Tues., Aug. 4, Preparation Info

The Montgomery Township Police Department and Montgomery Township Office of Emergency Management are monitoring Tropical Storm Isaias. Forecast impacts to New Jersey including heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds are possible from late Monday into Wednesday.  We are coordinating with local and state agencies to provide an appropriate response to the adverse conditions we anticipate.

Given the presence of COVID-19, we strongly encourage everyone to review and update their personal preparedness plans and kits.  Those in areas prone to flooding or unable to shelter in place during times of power disruption should make every effort to secure personal arrangements including staying with family or friends, or hotel accommodations.  Turning to a shelter this hurricane season should be an absolute last resort due to the presence of COVID-19 illness in the community and throughout the Country.  Additionally, many government agencies have visitor restrictions in place for their buildings, or limitations imposed to ensure social distancing.  Facilities traditionally used as locations in which the public could charge phones or access computers for information may not be made available.  Family members and neighbors should be prepared to maintain contact with the elderly and those in vulnerable populations.

Personal preparedness kits should be updated to include face masks or face coverings, soap and/or hand sanitizer, and various disinfecting supplies.  For more information about preparing visit:


If you encounter flooded roadways, remember to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”.  Never enter flood waters and comply with any and all road closures you may encounter. Do not drive around or move road closed signs or cones. Remember, roads are closed only when necessary, and for your safety.

Avoid downed trees and power lines.

If utilizing a portable generator in the event of a power outage, please ensure that the generator is outside of your residence/ garage and away from doors and windows to decrease the possibility of carbon monoxide collecting in your home and causing illness or death.

Vulnerable populations can register for assistance through the New Jersey Special Needs registry, “Register Ready” by visiting www.registerready.nj.gov.

For the latest forecast information visit www.hurricanes.gov for updated information.

Family Gatherings and Upcoming Festivals
A Message from the Montgomery Twp. Health Dept.

The month of August features holidays and special events for many in our community. Traditionally, holidays entail visiting close friends, family, and neighbors and exchanging sweets and offerings.  The Montgomery Township Health Department in partnership with the Somerset County Health Officers Association has issued guidelines for safe gatherings, congregate prayers, and festivals amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It is hard not being able to visit the homes of your family members or have dinner together. However, celebrations and parties are some of the riskiest activities for the spread of coronavirus, especially when held indoors, or when masking and physical distancing measures are not observed.

According to Montgomery Township Deputy Health Officer Devangi Patel “we are hearing reports of people hosting large prayer services and other events at their house and inviting groups of people over without taking the proper precautions. If you are hosting a prayer service — or any gathering — and are inviting people to your home, please consider their safety as well as your own. Here are some guidelines to help you celebrate safely while keeping your loved ones healthy and safe:

  1. We request that celebrations are kept to a minimum and that if you are hosting, please inform your guests to mask, practice physical distancing, wash hands often and to stay home if sick
  2. If hosting, avoid self-serve buffet style food, or designate key people as servers to reduce risk of contamination
  3. Please consider virtual or outdoor gatherings and avoid sharing objects, especially unwrapped, unpackaged sweets.
  4. Please consider performing small prayer services in your own home and consider virtual, or outdoor gatherings and avoid sharing objects and unwrapped, unpackaged sweets.

All New Jersey residents are encouraged to practice physical distancing (stay 6 feet from one another), wash hands often, wear face coverings when in public (both indoors and outdoors in public spaces) and stay home (if sick)

For questions about COVID-19, call:

  • 1-800-962-1253: For health-related and clinical issues, such as when to seek medical attention and proper steps to take if exposed
  • 211: For information about how to stay safe, financial assistance, unemployment, donations, food, and other non-medical needs

Residents who observe Executive Order violations and wish to report them should complete the online form at covid19.nj.gov/forms/violation. Please note that Governor Murphy today announced a reduction to 25 maximum allowed persons at indoor gatherings, down from 50. The above precautions apply to any gathering, public or private, and for any purpose.


Emergency Rental Relief (ERR) Program Launched by County

Somerset County is launching its Community Development Block Grant-CV Emergency Rental Relief (CDBG-CV ERR) Program.  This program can provide up to 3 months’ rent or $3000, whichever is less, for payment toward rent that is owed.  In order to qualify, applicants must be able to document a COVID-related financial loss and prove that their rent payments were current as of March 2020.

For further info, flier, and link to application materials, go to:




Note: There have been two (2) new cases in Montgomery/Rocky Hill since our last report Wednesday, 7-29-20.

The Montgomery Health Dept. is monitoring travelers from out-of-state ‘hot spots’ for self-quarantine.

As of 9 am today, 8/03

NJ cases: 182,614
NJ deaths: 15,846
Somerset County cases: 5,195
Somerset County deaths: 555
Montgomery cases:  136
Montgomery deaths: 7
Rocky Hill cases: 6
Rocky Hill deaths: 0

Age Ranges of Cases in Montgomery & Rocky Hill:

13        <20
18        20-29
19        30-39
22        40-49
26        50-59
19        60-69
5        70-79
20        80+

142 confirmed and probably cases for Montgomery and Rocky Hill in total, of which:

– 126 presumed recovered a

–     9 currently ill

–     7 fatalities

a “Presumed recovered” means 30 days have elapsed since individual’s diagnosis and the person is not hospitalized.

For further statistics, go to the Health Dept.’s COVID-19 portal: https://health.montgomery.nj.us/covid19/,  State of NJ DOH’s COVID-19 Case Chart , and https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

*****DISCLAIMER***** Reported numbers on this page may not match the figures provided on the Somerset County page.  This is due to differences in reporting times.

Testing Site info found at: https://health.montgomery.nj.us/covid-testing/