3-22: Twelve New Cases; Vaccine Update; Free Film about Youth & Social Media; Donate Holiday Ham; Free Mental Health Help; Seeking Purple Heart Recipients; Detailed COVID Case Data

Posted on March 22, 2021


There have been twelve (12) new cases in Montgomery and Rocky Hill since our last report on Friday, 3-19-21. Detailed case data are available at the end of this ebulletin.


Mayor Keenan received a COVID-19 test at a clinic in Montgomery last week.
The next opportunity will be April 8.

By Stephanie D. Carey
Montgomery Township Health Officer

With Spring Break vacation for Montgomery schools starting on Saturday, my department is concerned about the risk of new infections acquired while traveling and brought back to Montgomery when schools reopen April 7th.

To help mitigate the risk, my department has arranged with Somerset County to hold a free COVID testing clinic to be held at the Montgomery Township Municipal Building on April 8th. This will enable returning vacationers to get tested before having close contact with friends, neighbors, and family.

Yet nothing can replace the importance of continued vigilance by residents. With increasing rates of vaccination, we are finally able to see the end of the current health emergency arriving soon. We must continue to wear masks, wash hands, and remain socially distanced from each other until the emergency is over.

My department joins with the CDC in recommending against Spring Break travel.  But if you or other household members do travel, keep these principles in mind:

  1. Outdoor socializing is always better than indoors. Take advantage of the nice weather and see people outdoors during the warmth of the day, while avoiding crowds.
  2. Minimize the interaction among people who live in different household. The good news is that fully vaccinated grandparents can now visit with unvaccinated adult children and grandchildren—but only one unvaccinated household at a time!
  3. If you travel, wear a mask anytime you are with people who do not live with you, and maintain social distance.
  4. It is better not to fly to a traditional Spring Break location, but if you do, follow the guidance provided by the CDC.
  5. Upon your return, self-quarantine from anyone who did not travel with you.  Get tested 5 days after your return, before having close contact with others (or self-quarantine 10 days without a test).

We need to get through just a couple of more months until vaccinations are available to everyone. Please be as cautious as you possibly can be.



New Jersey this week expanded vaccine eligibility to educators and many other groups, including transportation workers, migrant farm workers, members of tribal communities, individuals experiencing homelessness or living in shelters, and more.

A recent article in Bridgewater Patch contains a useful guide to the latest sites for getting vaccinated in Somerset County.

To get vaccinated, all residents must sign up on the state website, covidvaccine.nj.gov, so you can be notified when you become eligible. You can also call the New Jersey Call Center Vaccination Support Number between 8 AM and 8 PM:  855-568-0545.  Those who are eligible may also sign up for hospital-based, public, and private sites offering vaccination, such as CVS, and the several New Jersey “Mega Sites.”  There is a new Vaccine Finder website that may be useful, particularly for local pharmacies: https://vaccinefinder.org/search/.

Montgomery Township is keeping a limited list of vulnerable, elderly residents lacking internet access or transportation, to help them get access to vaccine.  If you have no internet access, nor transportation, call 908-359-8211 x2400. If you have a neighbor meeting this definition, consider bringing this phone number to his or her attention.



Somerset County, the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will be hosting an online Public Information Center meeting to inform local residents, officials, businesses and the general public about the Local Concept Development (LCD) study to determine appropriate improvements to the Great Road Bridge over Bedens Brook near Blawenburg.

The meeting will be held virtually this Wednesday, March 24 from 6 to 8 PM.  Additional information, including how to attend the meeting, is available at this link. You can also sign up for email updates.

The purpose of this meeting is to inform the public of the condition of the bridge and to solicit public input and comment towards the project’s Purpose and Need Statement, which is needed to eventually gain funding for bridge improvements.


The Montgomery Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance is hosting a free, virtual screening of the compelling new documentary LIKE on March 24th, 7:00 pm.

Over 2 billion people have smartphones today and we check them on average an 150 times every day. Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways – but what is the cost of our dependence, and our children’s reliance, on screens? LIKE reveals the true effects of technology on the brain and uncovers the impact social media can have on our lives. The film’s mission is to educate, inform and inspire people to effectively self-regulate their screen time.

The program is offered in partnership with the Somerset County Municipal Alliance. Funding is provided from the NJ Governor’s Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse and Somerset & Morris County Commissioners.

Parents, educators and community members interested in attending should RVSP at: http://bit.ly/WatchLIKE



The Montgomery Township Food Pantry is pleased to announce that our ShopRite Turkey Donation program is being extended to donating hams during the spring holiday season. If you earn a free ShopRite Ham* and would like to donate it to the Food Pantry, visit the Montgomery ShopRite Service Desk.

You may sign up to donate your free ShopRite ham during store hours through Thursday April 1, 2021. Visit the ShopRite Service Desk. You will need to present your ShopRite Price Plus® Card at Customer Service. The earned free ham points will be deducted from your account and a ham will be donated to the Montgomery Township Food Pantry Program.

Please do not drop off hams at the Montgomery Township Food pantry since we cannot accept perishables. We have arranged a special program working directly with ShopRite. You can contact the Montgomery Food Pantry by email (Montyfoodpantry@gmail.com) or by phone (609-466-1054).

*To earn a free turkey, present your Price Plus® card to the cashier every time you shop at any ShopRite Supermarket and you will be automatically credited. Price Plus® club membership is required to participate. While you can be earning credit at any ShopRite towards your turkey, you must go to the Montgomery ShopRite courtesy desk to donate locally.



Attention all US Military Veterans, Active-Duty Armed Service Members, and their Families residing within Montgomery Township:  We are a designated Purple Heart Community, and as part of this honorable distinction the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee would like to recognize all Township residents who have earned or have had someone in their immediate family (including spouses and grandparents) who has earned the Purple Heart award.

Please contact:  mvmc@twp.montgomery.nj.us or (908) 359-8211 Ext. 2279 so that we can identify and recognize all our Purple Heart recipients and their families on National Purple Heart Day (August 7th).  Thank you!


There have been twelve (12) new cases in Montgomery and Rocky Hill since our last report on Friday, 3-19-21.

As of 9AM today, March 22:

Montgomery cases: 1071

Montgomery deaths: 21

Rocky Hill cases:  25

Rocky Hill deaths: 1


Age Ranges of Cases in Montgomery & Rocky Hill:

272    <20

174    20-29

103    30-39

165    40-49

163    50-59

107    60-69

40      70-79

72      80+

1096 confirmed and probable cases for Montgomery and Rocky Hill in total, of which:

– 1043 presumed recovered a

– 31 currently ill

– 22 fatalities


a “Presumed recovered” means cases that have met the criteria for discontinuation of isolation. A minimum of 10 days from diagnosis, or three days after symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.

For further statistics, go to the Health Dept.’s COVID-19 portal: https://health.montgomery.nj.us/covid19/,  State of NJ DOH’s COVID-19 Case Chart , and https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Testing Site info found at: https://health.montgomery.nj.us/covid-testing/